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"I loved being in Alison’s acting classes they were fun and exciting. She is so welcoming with her beautiful smile and her way of making me feel comfortable. She is just as eager to teach as I was to learn. She wants me to know all I need to know to be the best I need to be at creating and she shares every piece of information I need to accomplish that. She hooked me up with an audition for my first off- Broadway play.

She uses the mottos “You have nothing to loose and everything to gain”. So true."

-Melissa Lawson



"What I liked about Ms Alison’s acting class is that she gives great scenarios about acting situations to help with what to expect in auditions and on a set.  She doesn’t make you feel bad about mistakes  

 she’s never hard on you and she gives good pep talks."

-Jada 13 Years old


"Alison was so dedicated when it came to training me, she really focused on the little things that will improve my talent, which I really appreciated. She would challenge me to be better, and made sure I was comfortable in front of a crowd when it came to auditions. She would make sure I understood the different experiences I would face as an actress. Alison was such a big support ever since I met her and still is, that makes her the great teacher she is. Words cannot describe how lucky and grateful I feel to have her as a teacher and supporter."

-Eividalys Gonzalez



"Alison is a greater teacher! She taught me how to be fearless and take each lesson as it comes diligently reaching towards perfection. I've seen the growth within myself since I started my training to actually feeling and believing I can really act! The exercises she implements were great practices while emerging into acting and combining the skills I've learned as a TV Host for an Independent Magazine. Glad to have Alison as a coach, she transformed me into a very adequate entertainer!"

-Sharif King


"Ms.Alison is a wonderful teacher! She cares for her students and wants to see them become the best they can be.  She holds absolutely nothing back, she wants you to know everything we need to know to become a successful actresses and understand exactly the business we are getting into. I love her spirit and I can trust her."

-Kristin Samone 18 Years Old

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