Frequently Asked Questions


 01 How often should I take lessons?

 Once a week to complete the course.



 02 Cost per Course?

​  $60 one on one

  $320 per Acting Class​*

  $320 per Public Speaking Class*

  Online classes now available!

*Contact us for Special Rates! 



 03 How long is each lesson?

    One on one- 1 hour (5min warm up, 50min of work, 5min wrap up)

    Acting Class- 2 hour  (10min warm up, 1hr. 40min of work, 10min wrap up)

    Public Speaking- 2 hour (10min warm up, 1hr.40min of work, 10min wrap up)

    Online classes- 1.5 hour ( 5min warm up, 1hr.40min of work, 5min wrap up)

    Each course meets once a week, for 8 weeks



 04 Where is the location for lessons?

    A space will be provided for all sessions and will be discussed during the phone consultation for one on one sessions. If you are enrolled in a group session this will be held in a studio space reserved by instructor before lessons begin. 

*Classes are currently held online starting a US standard time listed above.



 05 How should I dress for lessons?

    Dress as desired, as long as you can move freely with no restrictions.  Loose and comfortable clothes work best.



 06 How big are the group lessons?  

  Acting classes: 12 people max.

  Public Speaking: 12 people max.



 07 What are the age requirements?


  6-100 yrs old (Groups consist of Kids, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, and Seniors).