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Public Speaking


Take a deep breath.... Good! Now relax.... Better!

One thing you must remember is....It's NOT about you! Not at all!

Now that we have this in mind, we can began to work on conquering the fear of public speaking! Ahhhhhh! It sounds so scary right? It's not! Of course, we all get nervous as we should! We're human! However throughout this course we will learn how to make our nervous energy work for us! This is the goal of this intense 13 week course! After this course you will agree its more fun than scary! Book a 30min consultation to get you speaking with confidence, loud and clear! It will be fun! At the end of the course every student will receive a certificate of completion!

You wil learn:

  • Fundamentals of Speech

  • Body Language

  • Movement

  • Eye Contact

  • Projection

  • Articulation

  • Obstacles of Public Speaking

  • Speaking on Camera

  • Speaking with Color and Charisma

      and much more.....

*Limited Space Available for all classes!

Any questions? See our FAQ page! 

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Leadership Development


Every leader was once a great follower and still knows when to follow. Becoming a great leader takes time, commitment and a sacrifice of not thinking selfishly but "What can I do for someone else?" This intense course will teach us a lot about ourselves as well as encourage and uplift our spirits. Surprise yourself by taking a step towards learning and growing with a small group of like-minded individuals in an uplifting and comfortable environment! It's time to: 

Speak Up!

Speak Loud!

Speak Clear!

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