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Alison Kay Harmon

As a native of Jersey City, NJ and with over 20 years of acting experience, Alison has decided to uplift and educate new and seasoned actors! She started performing in church plays for Christmas and Easter and later performed at golf tournaments with a group of school kids to raise funds for her elementary school. It was then when she realized acting was her hobby! After taking drama class in high school and performing in several shows she realized her hobby became a passion.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts from William Paterson University including a degree in Mass Communications and a concentration in Theater. Alison has participated in several play productions both on and off campus throughout her college years and realized her passion was a talent given to her by God. 


The relationships formed in past plays, musicals, independent films, TV shows and talk shows have been remarkable. After college, Alison continued to better herself via numerous workshops, seminars, conventions and film festivals around the country. Just within the past few years, she has used the latest information to train other actors and helping children around the world to experience the art of acting. Her experience extends behind the stage where she stage managed the musical "Underneath It All" directed by Tony Williams and Kareem Jones for a 2 year run with a cast of over 25 actors. As an actor, writer, director and assistant casting director for a children’s pilot TV show in pre-production she continues to encourage others to find their talents and gifts!


Her desire is to uplift and educate the community through quality art productions by helping talent who has a desire to share their gift of creativity with the world. UTAP was founded after reading Matthew 25:25 And I was afraid and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou has that is thine. Alison believes in using your talent for Christ to uplift the Kingdom of God!

Alison Harmon Acting Resume


"A Story About Ian"                                           Diane                                           Filip Kasperaszek

“The Stick Up Kids”                                        Feature                           Hawthorne James/Director

“Mr. Luv”                                                         Principal                                Daniel Cooper/Director

“Moment of Life”                                             Principal                                         Valerios Film, NY



"The Kayla and Kyle Show"                        Casting/Make-up                Maurice and Laneeta Luke

“The Walkers”                                                   Principal                          Time Warner Cable/ QPT

“MTV High School Stories”                               Feature                                                             MTV

“MTV Super Sweet Sixteen”                             Feature                                                             MTV



Underneath It All                                       Stage Manager                                Tony/Kareem Jones

That's My Momma 2                               Assistant Director                                            Joe Mcrae

One Of Us Musical                                      Toya Lucas                                       Phil John/Director

Gossip                                                             Donna                                 Barbara Sharpe/Director

The Patients View                                       Young D/ Nurse           American Theatre of Actors, NY

The Amen Corner                                       Sister Douglass        Valerie West/Living Word Theatre

Seussical                                                    Wickersham #2                   William Paterson University

Metamorphoses                                          Multiple Roles                                Jerry Beal/Director 

What I did Last Summer                             Anna Trumbull                                Jerry Beal/Director 

Defying Gravity                                                Donna                                        Jerry Beal/Director 

This Property is Condemned                            Willie                            Elizabeth Stroppel/Director 



Panasonic  3D (Internal Use)                          Narrator                                           Washington, DC



William Paterson University-B.A. Major: Communications; Concentration: Theatre

NBCUSA- Dramatics in Christian Education Certificate

NBCUSA- Intermidiate Sign Language Certificate

The Barrow Group                                       Chris Wells                                      New York City, NY

Black Nexxus                                           Marishka Phillips                                New York City, NY

Theatre/Film                                         Roger Hendricks Simon                            Simon Studio, NY

Acting Workshop                                    Wendy Mckenzie                     In The Wink of an Eye, LLC

Dance                                                       Several Instructors                     The Ailey Extension, NY

Vocal                                                             Chris Curry                    So You Want to be a Star, NY

Singers Forum                                              Christine K                                      New York City, NY


Special Skills

Aerobics, Stepping (Drill Team), Dance Hip Hop, Liturgical, Basketball, Kick Boxing, Roller Skating, Track & Field- 50-200m 400, Jump Rope, Hair Dresser, Cheerleading, Licensed Driver, Singer (Alto), Southern Dialect



"UTAP into your Talent! 
UTAP into your Gift!"

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