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"UTAP into your Talent, UTAP into your Gift!"




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Acting Classes

Ever thought about being an actor? Maybe you have and just haven't put it into action! Whether you want to act as a professional, fun or make an extra income on the side, this intense curriculum will cover all genres of acting in TV, Film, Theatre and Commercials! Yes! You can do it! And week by week UTAP will show you how!

Public Speaking and Leadership

Are you afraid of speaking in public? Whether it's a training at work, job presentation, wedding, funeral, birthday celebration, family reunion or simply talking to people on a day to day basis; public speaking is a common difficulty for most people to overcome! Let's conquer it!

What is your


Ever thought about it? Well, it's never too late to work on a new idea, talent, hobby or skill! Maybe you have and just haven't put it to action! UTAP is designed to help you discover what your gift may be and help you take steps towards using it in your everyday life! We all have talents and gifts and we must share it with the world!